About Us

About LSA

The Local Search Association (www.theLSA.org) is the largest trade organization of companies focused on print, digital, mobile and social media solutions that help local businesses get found and selected by ready-to-buy consumers.  Association members include U.S. and international Yellow Pages companies, search engines, online listings and review sites, digital advertising agencies and mobile search providers. The Association has members in 28 countries.

About the ADP

The Association of Directory Publishers (ADP), founded in 1898, is the oldest trade association in North America representing the interests of directory publishers and the companies whose products and service support the industry.

Why do you have a website that lets people opt out of getting a telephone directory?

We want to connect local customers to local businesses whether it is through directories in print, on the Internet or on a mobile app.  While many people still rely on print directories to make local purchase decisions, Yellow Pages publishers know that there is no point of delivering a print directory to someone who does not want one.  That is why we joined together to create YellowPagesOptOut.com to give consumers the choice to limit or stop the delivery of print directories to their homes.

What have you done to help the environment?

Consumer choice is part of our sustainability efforts which include notable successes:

  • The EPA’s latest Municipal Solid Waste Facts and Figures (2013) reported that the paper category including newspapers, directories, and other mechanical papers maintains a high recycling rate of 67%, about double the U.S. average for all products.
  • Paper usage has decreased 70 percent since 2007.
  • The EPA has estimated in past studies that directories make up less than one half of one percent of the municipal solid waste stream. Now the EPA has chosen to stop measuring directories altogether, further signaling the minor impact of directories on municipal waste.

More information about our sustainability efforts may be found on our sustainability page.



More information about our sustainability efforts may be found on our sustainability page.